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Profile: TheArchfiend
Date Joined: Apr 8, 2006
Country: United States
Subscribers: 30,000+
Videos: 600+
Views: 11,000,000+

The Archfiend is one of the most popular ranters in the ranting community, with about 30,000 subscribers.

'Archie's List Of Douchebags'

A lot of his earlier videos included a series called 'the list of douchebags', in which TheArchfiend essentially built up a list of people and things he hates. The list is shown on his website as follows:

1.  Chris "The Irate Hack Piece of Shit Gamer" Bores

2.  Cloud8745 aka, ClouDouche

3.  Jeffery "Jeff" Boss

4.  Lebron "Le Douche" James

5.  VenomFangX aka, Douchey shit-stain

6.  Chief Justice John Roberts aka, Chief Douche Roberts

7.  Val Kilmer the Ice-Douche

8.  The Easter Bunny

9.  Raphael

10. The Groundhog

11. The Golf Spectator Douche 

12. The Baseball Spectator Douche

13. Fahrenheit

Although The Archfiend no longer makes videos adding people to the list of douchebags and feels he has matured since then, he also said in his video 'ThatsoJack Awakens Old School Archfiend' that making the list was a lot of fun, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

'YouTube Whores'

The Archfiend is also notorious for making videos tackling the infamous 'YouTube whores', calling out some of the largest channels on YouTube and questioning their legitimacy. The Archfiend essentially argues that certain methods of gathering an audience are unethical - such as using misleading titles and fake thumbnails to draw people in, latching on to trending topics, and profiting off of videos discussing tragedy. He has been highly vocal in doing this, openly referring to specific YouTubers such as Shane Dawson, iJustine(or as he calls her, 'iWhore'), sxephil, RayWilliamJohnson, and shaycarl as examples.

As some of these YouTubers are no longer as popular as they used to be, The Archfiend feels he does not need to say much more on the issue, but seems to enjoy watching their popularity decline, partly because of YouTube's structural changes of the website, and partly because of the YouTube community's gradual sharpening up and becoming more cautious of when to detect misleading thumbnails and titles.

However, seeing as The Archfiend has finished discussing the YouTube whores, and also considering that YouTube's structural changes apply to him as well, his viewership has also declined, but arguably not to the same proportion as it has the top YouTubers.

'So The Other Day'...

One of The Archfiend's most popular series is the 'So The Other Day' series. In it, he essentially takes what would have been an average situation and paints it in the most elaborate way possible, coming up with ridiculously unfeasible stories in a satirical manner. The stories are told from first person, and often as the central character of the satirical stories, The Archfiend will deliberately convey an incredibly naive, ignorant, arrogant and stupid social outlook from his perspective for the entertainment of the audience. This series is quite well-liked amongst his subscribers, and he has made videos of this sort for about two years.

'The Pussification of America'

More recently, The Archfiend has been making a series of videos called 'The Pussification of America'. This is a relatively new development on his channel, and in this series of videos he takes a particular news story in which he feels people involved have behaved in an over-sensitive or 'pussified' way, and expresses his distaste towards political correctness in general. Some examples of the stories he has covered in this way include a mother being arrested for cheering at her daughter's graduation, a six-year-old child being suspended from school for making a gun-like gesture with his hand, and an eleven-year-old being asked to transfer schools because of carrying the cystic fibrosis gene.

'Let's All Laugh At Fanboy Comments'

Having targeted a lot of popular YouTubers, The Archfiend has attracted a considerable amount of negative attention for these videos.

A large quantity of The Archfiend's negative attention has been from fans of the popular YouTubers he has criticised, who seemed to feel upset, marginalised and offended by his comments, often choosing to voice their concerns in a civilised and rational manner, claiming that his comments are motivated by jealousy of the fact he doesn't have as many subscribers as the YouTubers he criticises, that his argument is invalid because he has a high voice when he's angry, that 'don't like don't watch' mantra, and that he lives in his mother's basement. Generally these arguments hold very little weight when held up to scrutiny, and The Archfiend has satirised this fact with his series 'Let's All Laugh At Fanboy Comments'.  In this series, he goes through a selection of comments he has received from fans of popular YouTubers, and paints them in a somewhat humorous light. This is one of his most popular series on YouTube, and he has continued making these videos for about two years.

Criticism of The Archfiend

Some of The Archfiend's critics tend to question his legitimacy as well as that of the 'YouTube whores', scrutinising him from a more logical standpoint than the average whining fanboy. The Archfiend has provoked controversy with his attitude towards these critics, often being accused of being dismissive, and blocking people with a more reasonable point to make as though they were in the same camp as the fanboys. He has been accused of being hypocritical because of this, in that he has occasionally voiced his opposition to YouTubers that block their critics. There are also some YouTubers that disagree with some of the central premises in his videos about 'YouTube whores', on the grounds that these YouTubers do not violate the community guidelines. Critics also argue that The Archfiend is selective in his 'Let's All Laugh At Fanboy Comments' series, only choosing comments that make his opponents look stupid and him look good.

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