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File:A critique on PewDiePie an his Fans (WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO)File:An IntroFile:BenTheLooney SUCKS
File:BenTheLooney SUCKS-0File:Bucknaked Green Cover.jpgFile:Caiden Cowger is NOT View Botting
File:Caiden Cowger is ViewbottingFile:Commentary episode 2 life in a tent is a fagFile:Conspiracy Theorist, Rant Request
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File:John, Why?File:LOL,MITCH THINKS HE'S EDGED!!!-0File:LifeInACamp's false DMCAs - Thank you Rob Lester and 10Phoenix01
File:MITCHY BITCHY REALLY IS A COWARD!!! R3 REALLY IS DEAD!!!!File:Mitch the Censorship FreakFile:My experience debating Onision.
File:My experience debating Onision.-0File:NEW INFO ON VIEWBOTSFile:Natetalkstoyou channel terminated! (Out dated)
File:Natetalkstoyou got his channel back!File:Newkidsturbo.jpgFile:ONISION GETS TROLLED!
File:Onision Exposed Youtube's own cultist! (1 2)File:Onision vs 2 "Haters"File:R3 IS DEAD!!!-0
File:R3 IS DEAD,FACE IT MITCH!!!-0File:Re Declaration Of War Against Justin Bieber HatersFile:Reviewing BenTheLooney's Content
File:TheAmazingAtheist Banana PicturesFile:The Future Of My Channel (for the next few weeks...)File:The Ranting "Community" (Discussion Video)
File:Theatrical Basher - Lyrical Dissection - Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Nicki Minaj Sucks!)File:Theatrical Basher - One Direction VS. Blood On The Dance Floor - Entertainment MassacreFile:Theatrical Basher - The Top Ten Worst Songs Of 2012
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